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Below you will find a list of items for sale
Fantastic looking Ghost for sale. Under 30 starts. Race bike, wheels and tires in excellent condition. Will sell for $3000 or best offer. Can deliver to February Blooded Horse Sale. Please call or text: Tom McRoberts 740-835-1312
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tom mcroberts - Phone: 740=835-1312

Ron Pierce driving colors, all in excellent shape. Winter, Fall/Spring, Rain, Summer, Puff suit. Helmet that won the World Driver's championship as well. Also jogcart, mud fenders, three pairs Size 8 Classic Kroop leather Driving boots as well as multiple different sets of race bike wheels. Feel free to give us a call anytime with any inquiries on pricing we'd love to hear from you, have a great day. Call John Pierce at 908-692-8249 Thank You
John Pierce - Phone: 908-692-8249

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