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Bid Online Through Monday Dec. 11

Hanover Shoe Farms Annual Broodmare Reduction

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  Name Gait Sex Sire Dam Current Bid Location
  ArthroscopicPacerMareArtiscapeDoc's Girl$4,100Pennsylvania
  Lil Miss TutTrotterMareBroadway HallQueen Tut$6,800Pennsylvania
  Whitesand SamanthaTrotterMareCredit WinnerPleasecometoboston$5,000Pennsylvania
  Box Of DreamsTrotterMareDonerailChinese Puzzle Box$2,800Pennsylvania
  Dragon MoonPacerMareDragon AgainSunone$4,700Pennsylvania
  Driven To SinPacerMareJennas Beach BoyShes The Greatest$3,200Pennsylvania
  Likeavirgin LindyTrotterMareLike A PrayerRoyal Lindy$3,600Pennsylvania
  Winbak BratTrotterMareMuscles YankeeBaltic Brat$2,900Pennsylvania
  But I Like ItPacerMareRocknroll HanoverLuck's Mistress$2,500Pennsylvania
  Rockin EverywayPacerMareRocknroll HanoverIn Every Way$5,100Pennsylvania
  Artistic HanoverPacerMareWestern IdealAintnostoppinmenow$3,100Pennsylvania
  RapsongTrotterMareWindsong's LegacyRap Girl$7,300Pennsylvania
  Subway HanoverPacerMareYankee CruiserSami Cam$4,100Pennsylvania

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